About Me

Want to know more about me? Here’s just a few things:

  • I interviewed a puppet once.
  • That puppet said I would be a “big, famous reporter” someday.
  • My first celebrity interview happened in 7th grade. It was  with Marie Osmond. Video evidence has since been destroyed.
  • I’ve been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Madison Magazine, Curb magazine, Isthmus, behindthechair.com ON PAPER and The Badger Herald.
  • I once wrote a 15-page paper about Canadian television.
  • Yes, a lot of that paper was about Anne of Green Gables.
  • My name rhymes with “Hailey” or “Bayley.” In case you were wondering.
  • Perez Hilton once wrote a blog post about a story I wrote. Wanna see?
  • Aside from looking at screens all day, my interests include: writing, reading, drooling over magazines at various newsstands, live-Tweeting whatever I’m watching, biking, checking out the latest movie and sipping craft beer.
  • Any time I meet someone named Dave, this is what I think of.



writer. editor. pop culture addict.