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‘Come & Get It:’ Selena Gomez and Celebrity Journalism

If all goes well, this is the one and only time I’m going to write about Selena Gomez. Because…yeah.

For someone I think about for about roughly five seconds a month, or about the time it takes for me to scroll past her headlines on Google News, she served as the catalyst for an interesting discussion on Twitter last week about celebrity journalism. It was NPR’s Linda Holmes who kicked things off with a tweet criticizing this story about the pop star, and she was quickly joined by Criticwire’s Sam Adams, among others. (Because I’m a nerd, I made a Storify to commemorate it.)

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Review: Season 4 of “Arrested Development”

The other day, I posted the intro to this post, which is my analysis of Season 4 of “Arrested Development.” (Clearly, I think too much and had to break this up in two parts.) So enjoy Part II:

At this point, I’m a pretty established “Arrested Development” fanatic. The sight of the iconic stair car (the editor in me wonders if that’s one word or two, dash or no dash?) in the title screen was the most heart-pounding moments I’ve had as a fan of anything in years. (Other similar moments: finally holding my copy of The Deathly Hallows, the lights dimming at the midnight screening of The Hunger Games. Seeing two of my favorite things, Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland, collide onscreen. Oz: The Great and Powerful — which would ultimately let me down. This, however, eclipses all of the above.)

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