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Doubt, Alternate Endings and HIMYM

After two Moscow Mules, one of my friends looked me dead in the eyes and told me, “Doubt will make you a lesser being.”

It’s one of those profoundly wise things you can really only say through the gentle haze of drinking, one of those sentences that is so utterly incongruent with the conversation that it sounds like someone else speaking through you. Somehow, just as miraculously as my friend said that, I remembered those words the next day.

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HIMYM and the Value of an End Game

You can’t make ’em all happy. And that couldn’t be more true when it comes to the finale for a TV series, in this case, How I Met Your Mother. 

While HIMYM has a lot of the makings of your typical sitcom — young, attractive white people living in a beautiful New York City apartment who seem to spend roughly 60 percent of their time together — there’s a lot it can be commended for. It was cinematically ambitious, bringing the multi-camera sitcom to new heights. It helped perfect the inside-joke brand of comedy, with an impressive series of recurring jokes and gags that are best appreciated by the longtime viewer. (Slap bet, anyone?)

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